In Book 2, you will learn the following:

1. The Seven Ingredients
Discover the seven elements that make lessons more transformational than informational

2. Sticky Proverb
Help listeners live godly lives by presenting practical, memorable life-principles

3. How to avoid Ramblemation
Transform lives with lessons focused on and centered around the Sticky Proverb.

4. Captivating Introduction
Instantly grab and hold attention by showing listeners your lesson’s application and relevance

5. Creating a Visual Anchor
Create a lesson listeners will remember for five years, ten years...maybe a lifetime

6. Develop Here’s-How Lessons
Teach lessons listeners can apply

7. Helping listeners around Roadblocks
Lead listeners around the obstacles that hinder growth

8. Creating a strong Conclusion Challenge
Encourage life-change by concluding with a clear, specific, doable challenge

9. And much more!