Bible study training

Topic: Growing your church and Sunday school through Bible study training

The importance of Bible study training

Bible study training

When considering the importance of Bible study training, remember that your church members attend Sunday school or Bible study classes each and every week. This means that if you have 100 members attending a weekly Bible study, then your church will receive 5,200 hours of teaching each year. That's a significant amount of Bible study.

Bible Study Training Tip: Information and Explanation are foundational to our teaching, but Transformation is the goal.

How important is it that each of these hours significantly impacts each person's life? Are your members spiritually growing from each lesson or patiently enduring them? Often the answer to this question relates to whether or not the teachers have received some form of Bible study training. Since individuals are not born with the innate ability to teach transformational lessons, if you don't train them, they will do their best, but this usually does not result in life-altering lessons.

49 of the top 50 growing Sunday schools conduct regular Bible study training

Bible study training

The Georgia Baptist Convention identified the top 50 growing Sunday schools in their convention, then tried to determine commonalities between them. From this, they discovered that all but one of the Sunday school programs conducted regular Bible study training. Bruce Morrison comments on this in his article entitled, "The Value of Training Sunday School Teachers."

In 2005, the Georgia Baptist Convention identified the top fifty growing Sunday Schools in their convention and then identified the top ten characteristics found in all or most of the Sunday Schools. The number one characteristic found in 49 of the 50 Sunday Schools was, you guessed it - training! Pastor, how important is training to you and your Sunday School leadership? Sunday School Director, how do you motivate your faculty to participate in ongoing training? Sunday School teacher, what kind of training do you need to make you more effective?*

The M28:20 Bible study training series

Dr. W. Bradley Simon has put together the M28:20 teacher training series to make Bible study training easier and more effective. The series will show your teachers how to teach both the head and the heart using a step-by-step, biblically grounded, tested, and proven approach. They will learn how to improve their listeners' comprehension and understanding, but more importantly, they will learn how to help their listeners accept and obey the truth. As they learn to replace informational or educational lessons with life-altering, transformational ones, the impact of their teaching ministry will ripple from person to person to person, changing the spiritual maturity of your church.

Bible study training
Teaching is far more than reading the text
and explaining what occurred;
it's changing lives through the Word.

To learn more about Bible study training, see the books in this series:

  • Teaching to Transform Not Inform 1: Foundational Principles for Making an Informational Sunday School Lesson...TRANSFORMATIONAL.
  • Teaching to Transform Not Inform 2: How to Teach a Transformational Sunday School Lesson...STEP-BY-STEP.

The Teaching To Transform Not Inform series points out some of the most effective teaching principles you can use, why and when you should use them, and how they will impact your listeners. For example, in the second book in the series, you will discover the goal and purpose of seven of the most important teaching principles you should include in every lesson. Visit our store to get a more detailed outline of the books and how they can help you in your Bible study training.

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* "The Value of Training Sunday School Teachers"