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Topic: How to create fun Sunday school lessons using object lessons.

Create fun Sunday school lessons with a Visual Anchor

fun Sunday school lessons

In the Teaching Them To Obey series, to create memorable, fun Sunday school lessons, I suggest using Visual Anchors. A Visual Anchor is similar to what you may know as an object lesson, but it has several modifications that increase its effectiveness. Using a Visual Anchor brings life, energy and fun to your lesson, since it allows you to use a visual concrete image, object, story, illustration, analogy, example, metaphor, testimony, or real-life situation to illustrate the points in your lesson.

fun Sunday school lessons Tip: Create a lesson listeners will remember for five or ten years . . . maybe a lifetime.

When you pull out an object at the beginning of class, everyone sits up wondering what that object has to do with the lesson. The visual concrete object gets their attention and then acts like a mental anchor that lodges in your listeners’ memory. As you use Visual Anchors to create and teach fun Sunday school lessons, not only will your lessons be a whole lot more lively, but they will also be remembered for weeks, months, years, or even a lifetime.

The “Teaching Them To Obey” series helps you create fun Sunday school lessons that transform your listeners' lives

fun Sunday school lessons

To learn more about creating fun Sunday school lessons using Visual Anchors, see chapter 5 in Teaching Them To Obey 2: The 7 Ingredients That Make Sunday School Lessons . . . Transformational. The Teaching Them To Obey series trains teachers to use simple, practical, biblically grounded, teaching methods that transform listeners' lives. Visit our store to get more information and to order the books.

Fun Sunday school lessons
If you want listeners to remember your lesson, give them a picture; if you don’t mind them forgetting, abstract truths work just fine.

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