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"Foundational Principles for Making an
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Reason for Sunday school training conferences: In Matthew 28:19–20, Jesus calls us to share the gospel with the entire world, but he does not stop there. He then gives teachers a clear and concise teaching goal: “Therefore go and make disciples…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Notice that he does not say, teach people WHAT to obey or even HOW to obey; rather, Jesus says, “make disciples…teaching them TO OBEY.” As a result, Jesus makes life-altering transformation (not simply information or explanation) our primary teaching goal.

The first conference M28:20 offers covers the major biblical principles and concepts related to effectively teaching the head and the heart. The five biblical keys discussed look at the attitudes, priorities, goals, and foundational principles that help you maximize your impact as a Sunday school teacher.


le-teacher-male-blkshirtSunday school training conference outline:

It’s about Transformation, not Simply Information or Explanation
Jesus calls you to fulfill the Great Commission by teaching them to obey

How to Transform Both the Head and Heart
Build a bridge from the Bible to your listeners’ head, around roadblocks, then to their heart

How You Teach   MORE by Teaching less (Part 1)
See more life change by covering fewer verses/topics at a greater depth

How You Teach   MORE by Teaching less  (Part 2)
Choose the most effective format. Which one do you use?

Become One of the Imperfect People God Uses
How to boldly teach and challenge your class despite your past and weaknesses

Create a Ripple That Continues into Eternity
Your impact does not stop at the end of class . . . it ripples from person to person to person all the way into eternity

Sunday school training conference key point: It is far more than reading the text and explaining what occurred; it’s changing lives through the Word.

To learn more about hosting a live Teaching To Transform Not Inform training conference, click the button below to fill out the Hosting a Conference Inquiry Form and we will contact you to answer any questions you might have! Help your Sunday school teachers fulfill the Great Commission through their teaching ministry.

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