Your teaching influences individuals
for decades

Your teaching can impact lives for decadesRemembering your importance as a Sunday school teacher has great value since it keeps you from viewing each lesson as just one more lesson you have to prepare and teach. The next lesson you teach may, in fact, impact people’s lives 100 years from now. Each time you teach, you are throwing a nugget of truth into the pond of your listeners’ lives. The resulting ripples can extend in all directions for 5, 10, 50, 100, or more years as your teaching impacts your listeners’ lives, and as their lives impact their children’s lives, which impact their children’s lives, and so forth.

Of course, our comments here only brush the surface of what the Bible has to say about the importance of teachers within the church. Even so, I hope you realize how your teaching ministry is more than worthy of the time you invest in it. Your teaching ministry is at the very center of how your church fulfills the Great Commission as given in Matthew 28:19–20. Any church committed to fulfilling the Great Commission must have teachers who are committed to becoming M28:20 teachers who teach listeners to obey.

>> To learn more about how your teaching influences individuals, see chapter 5 in Teaching to Transform Not Inform 1: Foundational Principles for Making an Informational Sunday School Lesson...TRANSFORMATIONAL.