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(The following principles are taken from Teaching To Transform Not Inform 2)

teaching the Bible using a Sticky Proverb

Teaching The Bible With a Sticky Proverb

When teaching the Bible, it is best to first study the Bible passage. Then, before doing anything else, craft, what I call, a “Sticky Proverb,” that is, a single, brief, memorable, applicable nugget of wisdom (or proverb) that reveals how listeners can apply the lesson’s central truth or principle in today’s culture.

Teaching the Bible lesson's core truth in a memorable way

The Sticky Proverb states the central truth of the message in a single sentence. It provides the primary truth each of the points are trying to prove. It states the core truth you are teaching from the Bible. It is the most important truth you want listeners to apply to their lives from the lesson.

Teaching the Bible with a Proverbial Rule-of-Thumb

It’s “Sticky” in the sense that it’s easy to remember long after you’ve finished teaching the Bible lesson, and it’s a Proverb in the sense that it is a short sentence that reveals how the lesson can be applied to our 21st century lives. It is a short memorable sentence that reveals how the passage’s overarching truth can be used to make daily choices. It is a Proverbial Rule-of-Thumb that helps listeners make life decisions. It helps you teach the Bible in a memorable way.


The Sticky Proverb tells you what you’re shooting for when teaching the Bible

teaching the Bible using a Sticky Proverb

Once you have this memorable statement, you will have a pretty good idea of what you want to achieve when teaching the Bible and how you want it to impact your listeners. Once you know the Sticky Proverb, you know what target you are aiming for as you create your title, outline, illustrations, and application.

When teaching the Bible, how do you help your listeners remember the main point of your lesson? Do they regularly remember it two weeks later? What about two months later? To learn more about writing memorable Sticky Proverbs, see chapter 2 in Teaching to Transform Not Inform 2: How to Teach a Transformational Sunday School Lesson...STEP-BY-STEP.

Help listeners live godly lives
by teaching the Bible with
practical, memorable, life-principles

The “Teaching To Transform Not Inform” series provides a simple, practical, step-by-step method for creating Sunday school lessons and teaching the Bible.

When teaching the Bible, the Sticky Proverb is a short, memorable proverbial rule-of-thumb that helps listeners use the lesson's biblical principles to make daily decisions.

The “Teaching To Transform Not Inform” series provides effective, practical teaching tips, techniques, and principles necessary for teaching the Bible effectively. Each book in the series builds upon previous ones providing a linear path for developing more and more advanced teaching skills.



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